I Chose the Apple Iphone instead of Blackberry and here is why

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I hate making these kinds of decisions but in the end choosing a smart phone is a choice that you must make for yourself or forever be blamed the person you chose to make it for you.  I chose the Iphone over the Blackberry even though most of my friends and colleagues have and decided on the Blackberry.A key consideration would be lifestyle.  What do I mean by this?  Well, after being told over and over again that Blackberry is for business and the Iphone is for fun and pleasure, I had to review in detail all the benefits each smart phone had and determine whether it would fit my daily habits, likes and dislikes.I wake up in the morning to the sound of my favorite music.  Proceed to my laptop after my morning get ready for the day ritual and check my emails and things to do today list.  If I have clients that want to trade in real estate, I book appointments and communicate information to my clients by either texting, calling or emailing them.  In the meantime I had docked my Iphone to my Harmon Kardon dock station and continued listening to my selected songs.  Cool!!!As we looked at properties I snaped some needed photos and shot some film too.  While driving, texting was a no no so I recorded my message and emailed it to my next client.  Fantastic.  I dropped off client number one and proceeded to client number two.  Connected my FM transmitter to the Iphone and listened to more great songs using my Van speaker system.Ok the day is done for “business” but not for pleasure yet.  My 6 year old had a hockey practice in an outdoor arena.  Got him dressed and out there skating.  I decided to shoot some memorable moments and email the film to his Mom who was still at work at the time.  The you tube feature was useful too and it was easy to upload the film on my you tube channel.I can go on forever here but I think you get my reasons for choosing the Iphone.  You may be thinking that all these things could have been done with the Blackberry too and I would almost agree.  To me, the Blackberry smart phone looks too much like a business tool and that does not compliment my “lifestyle”, remember that is the magic word for me.  The Iphone is all of life and the things that go with it.  It is a pleasure to use too.  Easy and fun!!  We did not even touch base on the App’s!!By the way, I got the 32 gig Iphone :)   Good luck with your decision BUT make sure it matches your “LIFESTYLE”. :)


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